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Copper Canyon High School
Tolleson Union High School District


We provide instruction based on AZ K–12 Academic Standards, which were developed to prepare students for higher education and the workforce. Our core academic classes include:


Students learn the skills required to communicate effectively in school, their communities, and future endeavors. Our students learn and effectively apply various reading strategies, which they put into practice during a silent, sustained reading period twice a week.

At each grade level, we focus on building vocabulary, enhancing grammar skills, and developing the rhetorical tools students need to be successful beyond their high school experience.

Writing is a vital skill to achieve success in life. Our students engage in a wide range of assignments designed to help them develop writing skills.Additionally, in order to be successful writers, students learn and effectively utilize the writing process, the Six Trait Rubric, and the Modern Language Association (MLA) format and style of writing.


Math is essential to everyday life activities such as making a purchase, paying bills, decorating your home, reviewing a test score, understanding sports statistics, and much more. The opportunities for individuals who demonstrate a thorough understanding of mathematics is endless in today’s tech-driven workforce. The Mathematics Department is committed to teaching our students all the necessary concepts that math has to offer.


Science is the effort to discover and increase human understanding of how the physical world works. Through the many science courses and science electives that we offer at CCHS, we provide students with a foundation in modern concepts for both the biological and physical sciences.

Social Studies

We believe that through understanding the past, we can create a better future. At CCHS, our students will develop a better understanding of historical events and people. They will be able to interpret significant themes, ideas, beliefs, and turning points in the world. They will analyze locations and regions and make connections by recognizing the natural and cultural norms that affect the way people and societies live and interact with each other and their environment.


The Wellness Department takes an integrated approach to teaching health and physical education. It is our goal to provide students with decision-making skills in critical areas of their health and well-being.

World Language

Our teachers are passionate about bringing languages and cultures to life. Do you want to sharpen your cognitive skills, perform better on college entrance exams, get accepted to the college of your choice? Are you interested in understanding yourself and your own culture better or learning about the literature, art, and music of other cultures? Have you thought about the exciting prospect of study/travel abroad? Through current language learning techniques and technology, students can learn language skills that can carry them across the globe or land them a job.

    Bilingual Education/ELL

    We provide a comprehensive program for ELL students who need to develop their English language proficiency in order to be successful in a regular academic program. We address needs through a variety of services including ELL English classes, bilingual content classes, and Spanish for native speakers. The program allows students to complete an academically challenging high school program in four or five years while acquiring English language skills and further developing in their native language. Because ELL students need more time and more intensive instruction to learn content material, we provide smaller class sizes than traditional classes.

    Our excellent teaching staff utilizes a variety of methods to support the acquisition of basic language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Our goal is for our students to gain the ability to compete in an increasingly global world and to foster an appreciation of cultural diversity.

    Program Goals for English Language Learners:

    • Ensure that students become proficient users of English for social and academic purposes.
    • Ensure that students receive a high quality high school education in all subject areas.
    • Provide students the opportunity to further develop their home languages.

    Fine/Visual Arts

    Copper Canyon High School provides a variety of art forms for students to explore, including visual arts, music, theater, and dance. Students have the opportunity to expand their creativity and to think individually as they venture beyond the boundaries of what they know. The Performing and Visual Arts Department is committed to providing students with opportunities to express themselves creatively and individually.


    Career and Technical Education (CTE) prepares students for a wide range of careers in a challenging and constantly evolving global economy. Here are some of the CTE career path programs we offer:

    • Culinary Arts: apprentice chef, pastry chef, prep cook, executive chef, food & beverage manager
    • Family and Consumer Sciences: early childhood teacher, preschool directors
    • Information Technology: systems manager, computer programmer, hardware/software support, Web page design
    • Marketing: entrepreneurs, advertising, public relations
    • Sports Medicine: fitness trainers, athletic trainers, physicians
    • Trade and Industry: draftsman, production managers, engineers, architects

    Visit our district site for more details about the CTE program.